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" Les fondations doivent comprendre et appuyer les instruments qui peuvent valoriser le développement durable, l’environnement et la fortification de l’économie dans la vie de l’être humain. " Chef Almir Narayamoga, Lyon, 30 septembre


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Foundations and Climate: who are we ?

«Foundations and Climate» is a network of 10 foundations and endowment funds in association with the Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations (French Foundation Center), mobilized around the challenges relating to climate change for the non-profit and grant-making sector.


The objective of "Foundations and Climate" is to initiate a reflection on transversal issues which directly concern Foundations.

The three lines of work of "Foundations and Climate" are:

  • Enlighten all Foundations, whatever their missions, about the impact of climate change on their activities and understand together on the adaptation of programs to these issues.

  • Adapt practices of foundations in order to reduce their environmental footprint both in their asset management, their property or their movements; to build a social and environmental responsibility of Foundations.

  • Welcome foreign Foundations at COP 21 and consolidation of networks.



After- Fact is a fund set up after the closure of FACT (French American Charitable Trust). After-Fact supports projects related to participatory democracy, and development of philanthropy in France including exchanges between French and American philanthropic sector. It seemed natural to mobilize for the COP 21, international event, one of its objectives is to strengthen cooperation between the United States and Europe.


Albert Ist Prince of Monaco Foundation

The Oceanographic Institute, Albert Ist Prince of Monaco Foundation is to disseminate knowledge on the oceans and raise awareness on issues about sustainable use of oceans' resources. Founded in 1906 by the Prince Albert I of Monaco, the Foundation has its headquarters in Paris (Maison des Oceans) and holds the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Its means of action include: museums and exhibitions, conferences and symposia, publications and mediation activities on environmental issues and socio-economic about the ocean and its related topics (climate, biodiversity, sustainable development). Its honorary president is Prince Albert II, a staunch advocate of environmental protection.


To visit the website of the Albert Ist Prince of Monaco, click here.

CHANEL Corporate Foundation

Created in May 2011, the CHANEL corporate Foundation supports and accompanies charitable projects which are intended to promote economic independence and social well-being of women. Its approach is to develop and facilitate their access to education, training, employment, entrepreneurship, while promoting community work and sustainable initiatives. The Foundation is convinced of the important role played by women in the fight against climate change and environmental protection.


To visit the website of the CHANEL corporate Foundation, click here.

Charles Léopold Mayer for the Progress of Humankind Foundation

Switzerland Law Foundation, based in Lausanne and Paris, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation directs its actions toward systemic change: a profound transformation of our way of life, organization, production, consumption, thought. Member of the Edge Funders Network, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation carries the actions of civil society that aim to fight against climate change. Our growth and consumption patterns have not only exceeded the limits of the planet but also permanently damaged the world natural heritage and accentuated social inequalities.


To visit the website of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, click here.

Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was created in early 2010, under the aegis of the Fondation de France in memory of Daniel Carasso, founder of Danone in France and the United States, and his wife. This family-run, independent of the agrobusiness group, is a distributive foundation, which aims to fund projects in two main areas: sustainable food and art at the service of citizenship. Through its involvement in sustainable food systems, the Foundation is very concerned by climate change, which is why she joined the reflection group set up within the French Foundation Center, as part of the COP21.


To visit the website of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, click here.

Fondation Ensemble

Sustainability is at the heart of the commitment of Fondation Ensemble (Together) since its establishment in 2004. All our interventions are impacted by climatic change: sustainable agriculture and fisheries, biodiversity conservation and sustainable technologies. From the status of victims of these upheavals, people become actors against climate change (mitigation) and its effects (adaptation). Faced with the difficulty of obtaining ambitious commitments from the states, examples of "bottom-up" initiatives have contributed significantly in recent years to change the negotiation process. Thus, by funding such projects, one can improve the lives of the poorest people, help reduce GHG emissions, and in addition, influence international negotiations!


To visit the website of the Fondation Ensemble, click here.

Fondation de France

Since 1969, the Fondation de France supports projects of respondents to the needs of people to the problems posed by the rapid development of society. She is convinced that philanthropy has a key role to play in accelerating the ecological transition and support the construction of a strong and sustainable citizen movement. It therefore contributes to the mobilization of French actors coordinated by the French Foundation Center (CFF). Upstream of the COP21, it supported 25 projects to educate citizens, especially young people, and to facilitate the dissemination of local initiatives.


To visit the website of the Fondation de France, click here.

Mérieux Foundation

Founded in 1967, Fondation Mérieux is an independent family foundation recognized of public utility. Its mission is to reduce the impact of infectious diseases on vulnerable populations and is structured around three objectives:

Strengthen research capacities locally in developing countries, ·

Increase access of vulnerable people by strengthening diagnostic clinical biology capabilities

Promote exchanges and sharing of knowledge among health actors.

Present in nearly 20 countries, Fondation Mérieux conducts its activities in symbiosis with Christophe and Rodolphe Mérieux Foundation, an independent family foundation.


To visit the website of the Mérieux Foundation, click here.

Paris Sciences et Lettres Foundation

PSL is a world-class university that placed the interdisciplinary innovation and value creation at the heart of his ambition. In the heart of Paris, PSL brings together 25 universities, 18,500 students, 3,200 faculty members and 146 research laboratories, 80 libraries and two museums. From an agile and productive association of science, arts and letters, PSL gives to the best talents the opportunity to meet, to enrich each other, and deploy their full capacity for innovation.


To visit the website of the scientific cooperation Foundation Paris Sciences et Lettres, click here.

Synergie Solaire endowment fund

Access to energy is a major challenge to improve the living conditions and the economic development of developing countries. Solar energy is a sustainable and effective solution to these countries which often have a strong solar potential. Thus, for the implementation of solar solutions and in cooperation with NGOs, Solar Synergy supports development aid projects related to health, education and growth of the local economy. Given its objectives, it seemed obvious to Synergy Solar joining the initiative "Foundations and Climate" to COP 21.


To visit the webiste of Synergie Solaire endowment fund, click here.


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